Our Rooms

Children change and develop so quickly and by necessity, their educational requirements change with them.

Arbor Green Nursery is structured to provide the most flexible and stimulating of learning programmes, no matter what stage your child is at. From babies just learning to make sense of the world around them to four and five year olds getting ready to make the step up to ‘big school’, the curriculum has been planned and designed for every child to get the maximum possible benefit and enjoyment.

We have 3 rooms. In all these rooms children are supervised by our dedicated and qualified staff and, of course, receive our healthy and nutritious meals.

Find out more below and on the following pages about how our nursery is structured. If at any time you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0131 343 2345 or email on info@arborgreennursery.com . We would love to see you come down for a visit!

Bouncing Bunnies

Children are in this room until they are 2. This part of the nursery is separate from the older children but they can still see each other through the peek-a-boo windows. The Bunnies love to explore and are very interested in finding out about the environment around them. Click here to find out more about the Bouncing Bunnies at Arbor Green Nursery.

Happy Hedgehogs

The Happy Hedgehogs are a bit older and are growing ever more curious. This part of the nursery is noisy and exciting. Click here to find out more about the Happy Hedgehogs

Rocky Raccoons

The 3-5 year old nursery children now move up to become Rocky Raccoons. This is the part of the nursery where the children will develop their own independence and start to prepare for life outside the nursery. Click here to find out more about the Rocky Raccoons